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Advantages of Using LED Lighting

Whether it’s natural or artificial, light is a key element that we utilise in our homes and at work. We delight in its first ray in the morning and marvel at its glorious spectacle as the night falls. As the sun sinks below the horizon, the artificial light becomes more prevalent to illuminate the darkest night. 

Light helped us see best especially to an individual with limited sight in the darkness. It made our modern life possible to be more efficient and productive in our daily activities. Where would we be without the light? Fortunately, with today’s technology, it provided us with incredible innovations such as LED lights.

LED Light: The Wonder Light

LED or the light-emitting diode is a small piece of light bulb that is one of today’s rapidly growing and energy-efficient technology. It is the latest and fascinating innovation in the lighting industry with a plethora of efficient and powerful benefits. The LED light emits light which  

Some homeowners often dismiss lighting as a simple object that only illuminates their homes at night. But, with LED lights, you will definitely change your perception of the importance of a simple light bulb in your home. 

With the widespread use of LED lights, it helped every Australian household save the use of energy compared to a non-LED light bulb user. This type of lighting is a value for your money that can be used in any type of setting or existing fitting in your home. For energy-efficient advocate, LED light is your best option for your lighting fixtures.

Key Advantages of LED Lights

The current LED lights are already 

LED lights displayed a huge potential that is incredibly better than your traditional incandescent bulbs. 

Get a first-hand experience of the wonders of a LED light by checking out the following key advantages and benefits

Longer life span 

LED lights last four times longer than traditional fluorescent and fifty times longer than incandescent bulbs. If you turn on your LED lights for 4 hours per day, it will likely last for 34 years before you can finally replace it. While an incandescent light bulb will probably blow in a year.

Over the years, manufacturers have progressed in producing longer-lasting LED available in the market. High-quality LED lights have a lifespan of between 20,000 to 50,000 hours. Depending on the average usage per day, it can last for ten to thirty years. 

Low risk of burns and energy-efficient

With an 80-90% lighting efficiency, LEDs are currently the most energy-efficient source of lighting than any other traditional lighting. It means that 80 to 90% of the supply of energy turns into light while the remaining 10 to 20% is converted to heat. But there are few exceptions since there are tiny yet powerful LED bulbs designs that have a minimal cooling surface where the heat loss can be distributed. 

Generally, LED lights are energy-efficient with minimal risk of burning yourself when you try to touch it. Unlike in other traditional lights such as an incandescent lamp where it only converts 5 to 10% energy to light. Also, a LED light will immediately lit up since it doesn’t need to warm-up to illuminate a room.

Practical, durable and shock-resistant 

Generally, LED lights are durable. They are built tough and shock-resistant to withstand any type of situations such as in a cold environment, in a place that often involves vibration, they can handle being dropped, etc. Also, there are water-resistant LEDs available in the market.

With their strength and durability, LED light requires less replacement and installation from time to time. Thus makes it even more practical and cost-efficient.

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