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    Smoke Alarm Installation

    Safety first

    When it comes to fire safety, smoke alarms are a must have in your home and office. They have been proven to save thousands of lives every year in Australia. They are so effective that they are now required by law in all Australian homes.

    Most people think that disasters such as house fires are something that will never happen to them, and yet there are over 11,000 house fires each year across Australia. More than 60 deaths occur each year and the majority of these happen during at night between 9pm to 6am when people are fast asleep.

    Installing smoke alarms inside your home or business, especially in areas that are prone to fires, could save the life of you, your family and your employees.


    Types of smoke alarms

    There are two main types of smoke alarms used in Australia.

    They are:

    Ionization smoke alarms: Ionization smoke alarms work well with an open flame fire that has already developed. These types of alarms contain a small trace of radioactive material which ionizes the air and triggers the alarm when the flow of ions is disrupted. Learning how to use a fire extinguisher can be highly beneficial to combat a small fire, otherwise evacuating the building is the safest option.

    Photoelectric smoke alarms: Photoelectric alarms are considered more sensitive than ionization smoke alarms. They can detect small amounts of smoke before anything tragic happens. Smouldering fires can last for hours before blossoming into a flaming fire. Photoelectric smoke alarms are highly effective to detect a fire before it gets out of hand.

    Fire experts and the Australian government recommend photoelectric smoke detectors in households. When the smoke alarm detects smoke, it will sound an alarm loud enough for everyone to hear allowing  you to  attend to the issue before a fire can enlarge or evacuate if the flame becomes out of hand.

    More recently, dual senor smoke alarms have also become available, which fuses both the technologies described above.

    At Eastern Suburbs Electrics, we can provide you with the latest smoke alarms on the market.


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