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Planning to expand your business and need to establish a good electrical system for your new building or need help with maintaining your electrical fixtures or repair your old switchboard? Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician can help your business achieve its maximum operation by making certain that your electrical system will not fail your expectations. Most importantly, keeping your inhabitants safe from any electrical accidents is a difficult task to do. But with the expert hands of Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician, every aspect of electrical is protected from any electric hazards.

We value your business and understand that time is money. As a business owner it is your responsibility to make sure that you follow building codes. As your partner, Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician will meet all electrical building requirements for you to fully-operate without issues. Our electrical works for commercial sector within Sydney, particularly in the Eastern region, follow Australian standards. We can help you win with your business by offering you our best commercial electrical services as follow:

  • Commercial Lighting

    No one beats a establishment with perfect lighting that highlights the service or product you offer. Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician can design the best lighting system for you to create the mood and ambiance you have been meaning to show your clients. Apart from lighting design, we can also help install emergency lighting for you.

  • Routine Maintenance

    If you are running a business, a routinary maintenance is vital for your building safety and continuous operations. If you need to make sure that your business runs under 0 downtime operation and 0 accident related to electrical fault, Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician can collaborate with your building engineers and we will establish a series of routine maintenance with proper electrical checklists.

  • Phone and Data Cabling

    Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician can install new subscribed phone lines and internet connection. We have the experience in handling and setup of network connection by doing cabling works, installing network devices and providing more phone and data points when needed. When you also need to extend your network connection to another room or building floor, our team can assist you with wirings and cabling as well.

  • Electrical Upgrades

    Old buildings and establishments are a common sight in Sydney. Most of them definitely have electrical systems that are decades older. Old electrical design and setup are already vulnerable to circuit failure and may not be compatible or capable to support today’s power demands. At Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician, we can perform fault finding and make sure your electrical system is up to date. We will help upgrade all obsolete and worn out components including switchboards, switches, circuit breakers, power lines, power points, security systems, alarms, and more. With the assistance of our team, your electrical system will be ready to support any of your business demands today and up to the future.

  • Security Systems

    Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician have the mastery on indoor and outdoor security systems. For indoor security systems, our team can install alarms, CCTV and surveillance cameras and access controls. We can help set it up on your designated control points and high security rooms. As for outdoor security system, lighting plays the biggest part to prevent any unwanted activity. Your ever trustworthy Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician will propose the best solution for your commercial property and will handle with the installation, repair or upgrade of your lamp posts, wall lighting, sidewalk and entrance lighting. We also upgrade gate security alarms and motion sensors, which completes your commercial security system.

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