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    Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electricians

    We provide quality electrical services including emergency electrical work, level 2 services, commercial electrical and much more.

    Have you experienced power outages or power surges? Need your wiring redone? Need a new power socket installed? Give Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electricians a call for all your electrical issues. Our rapid response Electricians come to you and fix or install it on the spot.

    We take care of it all

    We can take care of everything from replacing a circuit breaker, through to complex power needs and emergency situations. We are authorized to work within the network of Energy Australia and Integral Energy.

    With more than 10 years of a strong foundation in the electrical industry, our quality workmanship and local rapid response to electrical problems has seen us become known as one of the most professional electrical businesses in the eastern suburbs.

    How To Book

    Booking an electrician is easy, simply use the following steps:

    1. Call or message us and give us the details of your job
    2. We will then send out a qualified electrician to quote on the work for free*
    3. Book in your electrical technician to complete the work

    Aside from the common electrical duties that our Eastern Suburbs Electricians can do for you, we have Level 2 Electricians that can work on complex electrical works like:

    • Handling live wires and transformers
    • Installation of electric metering equipment
    • 24-hr standby in the repair, disconnection and reconnection of consumer mains
    • Increase the load capacity for your main service line
    • Fuse or switchbox repair, replacement or upgrade
    • And more!

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    24 Hours, 7 Days a Week

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      Some of our Services

      Our skillful Eastern Suburbs Electricians can help check all electrical control points within your homes including:


      Your Eastern Suburbs Electrician can help check whether your switchboard or fuse box is sufficiently supplying the needed amount of power in order for your appliances to run in perfect condition. The poor power supply can sometimes damage your appliances and in most cases, they won’t run as expected.If you own an old switchboard, it may not be able to support the latest electrical appliance you have. Let your Eastern Suburbs Electrician help you upgrade it according to the recommended specifications, the number of all the appliances within your homes and the design of your electrical system.

      For new installations, your expert Eastern Suburbs Electrician can assist you from the design, the recommendation of the right type, brand and specs for your switchboard up to the installation.

      Outlets or Powerpoints

      Power outlets give the convenience to use your devices and appliances in the place that you want them to operate. With Eastern Suburbs Electrician, you can request additional powerpoints for your rooms, kitchen, living room and for your outdoor living space like porches and garden. We will also fix all broken power outlets in your homes and commercial property.


      Let the lights On with us! Eastern Suburbs Electrician will assist you with your lighting design, installation, and replacement. Our team is very knowledgeable with light fittings and can give you the best recommendation for LED lighting. We can also supply you with top quality LED lights from nationally trusted brands that are energy-efficient and long-lasting.

      Security Systems

      Safety is the first priority when it comes to designing your homes to be burglar-proof and prevent unwanted entry. We specialize in the implementation of effective security systems and CCTV monitoring to safeguard you, your family and assets. Your friendly Eastern Suburb Electrician will help you with choosing the most reliable technology in security systems for your homes and business.

      Smoke Detectors

      When you need to install or repair your home and office smoke detectors. You may request an appointment with Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician and we will help make certain that everything is working well. Failure to work as intended, smoke detectors should be checked frequently to help prevent fire breakout.

      Power Surge Protection

      The sudden burst of power supply to your electrical circuits can cause permanent damage to your appliances and devices. With an Eastern Suburb Electrician. You will feel confident that you can leave your devices and appliances plugged in since a constant level of voltage will only be distributed throughout your circuits by installing a power surge protector for your household.

      Wiring and Cabling

      Telephone wiring or getting your favorite cable installed at your home is an easy job with Eastern Suburb Electrician. We can finish the installation on the same day as the appointment. For repair works, we also guarantee the right diagnosis of the faulty area and fix it right on the spot.

      Don't wait - we are here for you!

      You do not have to wait until an ugly event happens. Let us take care of everything from the smallest detail up to complex and emergency situations. We are authorized and to work within the network of Energy Australia and Integral Energy.

      Working with your Eastern Suburbs Electrician is different from dealing with amateur and average electricians that lack experience. With more than 10 years in the electrical industry, our quality workmanship gets the job done and keeps you and your family safe.

      We always strive to bring the best electrical services in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Our family business success is a result of hard work and dedication of each team member.

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      **terms and conditions apply

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      24 Hours, 7 Days a Week

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