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CCTV Installation FAQs

Residing in the vast city of Sydney makes it challenging to keep an eye on every activity happening on the premises. On that matter, you should invest in closed-circuit television (CCTV) that's mainly for security and monitoring purposes.

But deciding to install a security camera system has many factors to consider. 

Moreover, it’s a critical decision to invest in a security system. Whether you want to reduce vandalism or theft in your area, it’s essential to ensure that the surveillance system offers a wealth of benefits. Also, you should consider its durability and quality over time. 

But if you’re unsure of having your surveillance system installed, you can do some research or ask the professionals. On that, these often asked questions for CCTV installation might help you decide whether you need a CCTV installation:

Why do I need a CCTV installation in my home?

The use of CCTV is effective in deterring potential criminal activities in your monitored premises. You can use the footage as evidence in a police investigation when crime happens. Also, it helps monitor the elderly, children and valuables in your home.

How long does CCTV installation take?

Most of the system installation finishes for one day, except if you need multiple cameras like in the case of a large business premise. Also, prepare yourself as the process needs to get access to many parts of your home or workspace.

How to choose a CCTV to get installed in my property?

The right choice of a CCTV system for your area is crucial. For digital CCTV, it provides a very high video quality and only requires a CAT6 data cable. Meanwhile, analog CCTV provides lower video quality compared to the digital type, requires power in each camera location, and footage is accessible on-site.

Moreover, you need to assess these factors as well when choosing the more specialised features of your CCTV:

  • Installing your security camera indoor or outdoor
  • Camera type that records in bright and low-bright condition
  • Will you need a far and broader field of view 
  • Your budget

What type of security camera should I choose before installation?

If you want to check your premises, you can opt for cameras with an average resolution. However, when you need to identify faces or license plates, you need a high-resolution camera. Here are some of the camera types you can consider before the installation process:

Dome camera– It’s the most popular for residential and commercial spaces providing extensive coverage. Some of its high-end models have night-vision ability to keep track of happenings in the dark outside.

Bullet camera– If you’re installing a surveillance system for your business and commercial spaces, this type of camera provides long-distance coverage that undeniably heightens the security.

Infrared camera– It provides high-quality viewing in low light conditions and at night.

Wireless camera– Such type is easy to install and works well for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Which is more preferable between wired and wireless CCTV installation?

The wireless CCTV is easier to install but prone to drop out when the Wi-Fi signal weakens. Also, it requires recharging or battery replacement at regular intervals. In wired CCTV installation, there’s no issue compared to wireless ensuring maximum reliability and performance.

How many hours of footage can a DVR or NVR record?

The length of footage recording in a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR) depends on the frame rate it uses. A frame rate of six frames per second makes the recorded video look jumpy. In contrast, the 15 frames per second will smooth out the movement but increases the needed storage.

The increasing frame rates can shorten the recording time of the CCTV. Most CCTVs nowadays use 30 frames per second that are higher than the six and 15 frame rates per second. 

Do I need extra illumination for my cameras?

While some CCTV might work very well at night, you still need extra illumination. For whatever purpose you have in installing a surveillance system, proper lighting makes it more effective. You can use white light to illuminate the camera and the whole area or infrared light to improve the camera’s vision while invisible to naked eyes.

What can affect my camera’s resolution?

Temperature varies every moment, and it won’t significantly affect the resolution. But the weather such as sunlight intensity, wind and rain can affect the footage quality. That’s why it’s crucial to place your cameras strategically, protecting it from external factors.

Will the CCTV work during brownouts?

It probably won’t operate unless it has a battery backup to power the camera. Wireless CCTV is rechargeable or battery-powered, which cause lesser worries during electrical outages.

What is the warranty coverage of CCTV installation?

Many forgot to ask for a warranty when they have their CCTV installed. The warranty for CCTV installation includes regular servicing and maintenance, and even training on how to use the system effectively.

What if the thieves steal my CCTV and hard drive?

Instances like this can happen, and that’s why you have options to pay a small monthly or annual fee for automatically backing up your footage to the cloud storage. With that, you still have the footage even there’s no hard drive.

Can I add more cameras in the future?

Yes, the CCTV installations are flexible to add or even remove cameras in your surveillance system. There can also be a storage upgrade if you want to heighten your security.


Installing a CCTV system in your premises deter possible criminal activities which offer a sense of personal security to everyone. Also, putting a surveillance system in your home has many factors to consider. Thus, it’s essential to ask questions about it to make an informed decision every time and then.

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