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Dimmer Design Trends that are Economical

People have diverse preferences and a taste for convenience. With this, different technological innovations have come at hand ‒ such as dimmer switches.

The innovative features of light dimmers allow us to achieve the satisfaction and value of our money.

Dimmers are modern devices linked to a light fixture. It reduces the brightness of the light by lowering down the total energy that goes into the light bulb. Thus, permitting you to adjust the light’s brightness to your most preferred level.

Moreover, modernised dimmers not only give you a warm and pleasant light. But it can also help save energy, and extend the lifespan of your light bulbs.

Nowadays, various designs and models of dimmers are readily available in the market. However, not all dimmers give you the same benefit. Some dimmers are significantly beneficial than others.

To give you further ideas, here are some dimmer design trends that offer excellent value and service that equals their price.

Remote-controlled LED Dimmers

In particular, these dimmers are only compatible with LED bulbs. Besides, having an LED bulb which offers energy efficiency is one factor that makes this dimmer cost-effective.

Remote-controlled LED dimmers will retrofit your home’s old light switches without spending a lot of money. Like standard dimmers, you also get to adjust the brightness of your lights by simply turning its switch attached on your wall.

Moreover, LED dimmers include a modern feature that lets you control lights through your smartphones. Thus, adjusting your home or office’s LED lights to your level of preference is more convenient.

Wireless Dimmers

Wireless dimmers usually come with a compatible light bulb. And because the dimmer and bulb come in pair, it may save you a fortune instead of buying them individually.

Likewise, wireless dimmers function similarly with remote-controlled LED dimmers. The only difference between these two designs is that wireless dimmers can be matched with different types of bulb, not just LED.

Though referred to as wireless, these dimmers still use wirings to connect your bulb to its switch. However, you can link your smartphone to your dimmer switch by a wireless network. Thus, the name.

Smart Dimmer Switches

Most dimmers work identically. However, smart switches have uniquely distinct features which help you distinguish it from other dimmer designs. Whether you’re at work, out with friends or in bed, you can easily control your entire house through this smart switch.

A smart switch has specialised features that help you automate your home’s lighting system. Its innovative radio wave capacities permit the switch to connect with nearby wireless network or devices.

On the other hand, smart switches generally require light bulbs that support dimming options. Not all bulbs are capable of being linked with dimmers. Check your light’s compatibility first before connecting it to your smart dimmers.

Furthermore, new versions of this dimmer automatically adjust your bulbs’ brightness level based on the time of the day. Hence, your place gets brighter as it goes dark outside.

Smart switches have more complex dimmer design. It allows you to use advance features that standard dimmers don’t usually have. Thus, giving you the benefit of enjoying the amount you’ve spent through its promising innovative functions.


In the overall context, dimmers are generally economical, especially when partnered with energy-efficient light bulbs such as CFLs and LEDs. Modern dimmers value your comfort, thus, making more convenient designs and features available just for you.

There is also a variety of dimmers available in hardware stores in the Eastern Suburbs. So much that you may not be able to effectively decide which dimmer will be suitable for your home and within your budget.  

Finally, having your dimmers installed requires proper equipment and knowledge, since it involves tweaking around your lighting and electrical system. Therefore, it is better for you to consult a level 2 electrician if you ever think of having dimmers at home.

Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs group of trained and highly skilled Level 2 electricians is ready to offer you with the best light dimmers and installation service.

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