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Electrical Emergencies: Electric Shock

Electrical emergencies are alarming, and it's essential to be as calm as possible when that happens.

In the event where you experience an electrical emergency that causes you to have electric shocks, take immediate action and reach out to available electrical emergency services as soon as possible. 

The effects of an electrical shock depend on the type of current, how high the voltage is, how the current passes through the body, the general condition of the person, and how rapidly the individual is treated.

An electrical current that passes through the body may cause internal damage, heart arrest or other injuries in any case. Even a small amount of electricity can be lethal in such conditions. Therefore, to learn more about electric shock, here are some of the details that can help you stop it in the future.

What is Electric Shock?

Electric shock is defined by accumulating an electrical current that touches or passes through your body. It can happen anywhere as long as electricity is available. Electric shock effects vary from none at all to serious injuries and death. An electrical shock may result in burns or leaving no noticeable mark on the skin.

What Causes Electric Shock to Happen?

We all use power at home for utilities and entertainment purposes, but with this comes the possibility of electrical shock. Electricity is a hazardous variable that is very unpredictable, and if you touch a conductive material with electricity flowing in it, the electric shock will occur.

The experts at Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician are concerned about your electrical safety to list down the common causes of electrical shock as your guide. To better explain how electrical shocks can occur in your house, here is information that may help you.

Damaged Appliances

Faulty appliances do not function well and use energy properly. That is why when you plug it, you may get an electrical shock. Electrical currents become erratic when appliances have defective parts, frayed cable, or broken cords. The unpredictable electricity will destroy your appliance when you plug one in, as well as threaten your safety. Prior to plugging them in, always check your appliances if it’s faulty.

Electricity Touches Water

If power gets closer to water, you should get away from it. Electricity and water are dangerous when mixed. The ions of water are highly conductive; thus, this contributes to a more serious degree of electric shock. Any water surface in your home can be an electric shock hazard as long as there’s electricity. This will also harm the electrical supply, potentially damaging devices that could hold the current.

Outdated Outlets

Every outdated outlet is possible to bring electrical hazards at home, especially electric shocks. Typically, outdated channels have two-points instead of today’s standardized three-points. No ground wire is available for two-prong outlets that serve as an external protective barrier when there’s erratic electrical current. With outdated outlets, there’s no way to securely channel unpredictable energy without a ground encouraging the likelihood of shock.

Faulty Outlet/Switch

Electric shock may occur when an outlet or switch is malfunctioning. Through the panel box, outlets and switches receive their electrical currents flowing through the wiring. Electricity becomes unreliable if any screw or cabling is loose on the panel, cable, outlet and switch. When you plug in an appliance or turn the light switch, surely you will experience the electrical shock.

Mishandling Electricity

If you don’t treat electricity with caution in mind, you are at risk of electrical shock. As we described, electricity is dangerous and can be unpredictable. You must be careful when using any part of your electrical system. 

You are at risk of electrical shock if you do not handle electricity with care and with caution. Electricity is unsafe and can be unstable, as mentioned above. When using every aspect of your electrical grid, you must be vigilant. But if you are not sure of what to do, calling experts will be the best option and solution.

How to Avoid Electric Shocks?

Electric shock, as previously known, is harmful and can cause life-threatening effects. Therefore, safety precautions, especially when managing electrical wiring or when dealing with electronic devices, must be followed. Here are some tips below that can help reduce electrical shocks in your home:

  • Paying heed to the loading capacity of the outlets
  • Add more power points to avoid using extension cords
  • Install GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters)
  • Install cover sockets to prevent electric shocks in children
  • Use appropriate fuses and circuit breakers
  • Do not let electricity gets near to water
  • Have a regular home inspection every year

Finally, ask for guidance if you are uncertain of what you are doing, particularly when dealing with electrical equipment. The result of an electric shock will range from a minor to life-threatening burns or cardiac arrest. Protecting yourself from electrical risks, and the people around you would not only serve to save lives but also secure your property and your life.


Keep in mind that the wire connection holds a significant amount of current that can cause an electrical shock to occur. When dealing with electricity, be sure to secure all exposed wires in your property and shield the outlets always to prevent curious fingers from electric shock. It will also be beneficial if a house inspection is regularly done. This will not only serve as keeping your family safe but also your assets and your community.

Sydney Eastern Suburb Electrician is here to guide you maintain your electrical wiring in good shape to prevent possible electric shock from getting worse. From installation, repair and electrical inspection, our level 2 electricians are here to help. 

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