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Electrical Installation Cost in Eastern Suburbs

All of us want to make sure that our electrical system stays reliable and safe. That’s why saving up for electrical maintenance is crucial.

Additionally, you must have a good idea about the costs of electrical installation and support so you’ll know how much to save and avoid overspending.

For Sydneysiders located at the Eastern Suburbs, Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician will help guide you through different electrical installation and service costs.

Factors Impacting Service Costs


Basic electrical services include ceiling fan, lighting, and power points installation. Other services include safety switch installation and repair, switchboard upgrades, complete electrical rewiring, or circuit repair.

These are priced differently due to a variety of reasons. Some factors that determine service cost are:

Size of Job

Jobs that affect a more full area and require more materials will take longer to finish. An electrician that charges per-hour will cost you more, primarily if unexpected events manifest throughout the job, such as unseen electrical faults.

Work Difficulty

Depending on the level of difficulty, a task can be completed quickly or can take-up a significant amount of time. Moreover, Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician can give you a work timetable upon request so you can stay on track as we do our work.

Material Cost

Most of the time, we will include the purchase of materials for our work. We don’t want you to spend hours scanning through technical item descriptions and confuse yourself. 

With this, different items have varying costs ‒ but Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician offers the best manufacturer prices for most electrical products.

Average Call-Out Fees


Typically, professional electricians charge the call-out fee inclusive to the first hour of work. Call-out fees cover a wide range, depending on your location. As long as you are within the Eastern Suburbs Area, we have you covered. Call us for more information.

Additionally, if your electrical job only requires a small amount of time, an electrician may only charge you with the call-out fee, without additional charges for the actual work. Services such as resetting a safety switch or replacing a blown light bulb can only take less than 30 minutes.

What’s better is that the price just gets better if you are a regular customer.

Outlet Installation and Repair Costs


On average, the cost of installing a standard electrical outlet ranges from $130 to $180, inclusive of materials and labour. However, this doesn’t include call-out fees.

Installation of new electrical outlets may also cost a flat rate of around $75 – $180 per outlet. The price is entirely dependent on the job complexity, the number of powerpoints whether single, double, or USB, and access to the location.

Since outlet installation usually takes only about 20 minutes to an hour, it is recommended that you maximise your service. Installing more than one powerpoint, including other electrical work is a recommended approach.

The repair cost of fixing and replacing an old electrical outlet ranges around $60 – $150 and the price of an individual outlet is about $3 to $20.

USB Powerpoints Installation Cost


USB Powerpoints are becoming a trend mainly because they are convenient and save up space. Typically, installation cost comes around $12 to $45 per unit. To get the overall price, simply add the call-out fee with the hourly rate and your chosen USB Powerpoint model.

Also, a double USB powerpoint is estimated to cost around $80 to $120. Regardless of the model, installation can take about 15-30 minutes. That’s why adding a standard outlet installation together with your USB Powerpoint service can save you a considerable amount.

Lighting and Fans Installation Cost


To have better ideas about how we determine lighting installation cost, consider these factors:

  • Lighting type
  • Quality of materials
  • Location (indoors or outdoors)
  • Your home location
  • Labour cost and other related factors

For different lighting installations, expect the prices to be:

  • $60 ‒ $75 for LED lighting systems
  • $70 ‒ $95 for outdoor lighting systems
  • $55 ‒ $70 for new downlight systems, all of these excluding call-out fees.

By hiring decent level 2 electricians, you are guaranteed a fast and efficient lighting installation. This also means a professional electrician can install more lightbulbs for a reasonable price. A typical downlight retrofitting or replacement can take up to 5 to 20 minutes per light and about 2-3 hours per room.

Furthermore, electricians usually charge about $60 to $80 per hour for electric fan installation. Commonly, installation can take about 1-2 hours. A typical ceiling fan can also go around $100 to $780 depending on size, materials, and quality. 

Household Wiring Cost


For medium-sized households with relatively easy access to wiring, expect to pay between $3,800 ‒ $8,000. But don’t let this shock you, since more factors are involved for a general household wiring.

  • The size of your household
  • Amount of work required
  • Materials quality and cost
  • The complexity of the wiring system
  • Other contingency costs

A level 2 electrician can take up to 2 hours per wiring connection, charging between $70 to $100 per hour. Installation of other electrical components such as switchboards and RCDs will also cost extra depending on the number of items. 

Newly Built Houses

Additionally, electrical installation costs for a large household can charge up to $20,000, given that many areas have restricted access to electrical wiring. However, it is still relatively cheaper to install a wiring system to a newly built large household rather than overhauling the electrical system of an older one. Newly built houses have fresh access points and can be easily wired than old ones

Rewiring Old Houses

Rewiring an old house is a huge task. Not only will we carefully take out existing wires but also pry open walls that get in the way of electrical tubings. This also includes:

  • Installing new electrical tubings
  • Running new wires
  • Connecting and retrofitting switches and fixtures
  • Repairing all electrical faults and replacing old components

The entire project can cost you around $3,500 to $8,000 for a standard-sized household and can increase with size and number of floors.



Having a good idea about different electrical service costs will help your savings go a long way. Being smart about your budget also prevents you from being deceived by unreliable electrical service companies.

That’s why it is wise to choose the most reliable and transparent electrical service provider in the entire Eastern Suburbs. Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician built a 10-year strong foundation in the industry, and it shows in our quality workmanship. All our clients love it.

Team up with our expert electricians today and call us at (02) 8378 2827 for a free quote.

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