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House Rewiring: Top Tips from Level 2 Electricians

Many households in Sydney consider home upgrades as a necessity—which includes getting your house rewired completely. Having a newer home doesn't mean your wiring is okay.

Meanwhile, a decade-old house with its original installations will need massive rewiring to improve function and safety.

Furthermore, house rewiring is essential to support energy-hungry appliances in your home like the thermostat, air conditioning system and emerging electrical technologies in the market. It also ensures the safety of your family from the chance of getting electric shocks or electrocution. 

Whether home rewiring is a necessity or need, its benefits make a significant impact on creating safer and energy-efficient households in the years to come. That said, let’s unravel the top tips of level 2 electricians in rewiring your home.

Consider These Factors When Doing House Rewiring

Electrical mishaps can happen regardless of how old or new your home is. Home rewiring is then crucial to solving these underlying issues. But consider these factors for an immediate rewiring for your home:

Age of your home

Back in the 1960s, households used 60-amps main panels that are enough to power simple home appliances. Options to more comfortable living which are not present before emerge such as air conditioning systems, microwaves and washing machines that consume too much electricity. It’s why modern houses use 100-200 amps to avoid circuit overload that might lead to a house fire.

Having an old house with its original wiring or using less than 100 amps for the main panel needs home rewiring as soon as possible. Over the years, wires are not immune to wear and tear so it can deter. Thus, home rewiring is the best option for your home upgrade.

Regular tripping of circuit breakers

Circuit breakers trip to cut off the power supply in your home when it detects a sudden change in the current of your electrical system. Imagine how important it is to prevent electrical fire or someone getting electrocuted. But it’s another case when it often trips which indicates there’s something not right happening in your system.

As circuit breakers trip, you might feel thankful as it protects everyone from faulty wiring. However, frequent tripping due to faulty installations might permanently damage it and can’t protect your home during electrical mishaps. For that, rewiring is the safest response to solve the problem.

Overheating, Discoloured Outlets

Loose electrical connections can trigger small fires creating discoloured outlets. The loose connection is often due to poor wirings that can overheat your electrical system. In this case, you should have an immediate home rewiring to avoid the risks it poses to your family.

Burning smell throughout your home

Well, you might smell burnt food in your kitchen, but this is not it. The burnt smell of wires or anything related to it can disperse throughout your home. It isn’t easy most of the time to find the source as it might be from the cables in the walls or under the floorboards of your home.

A recurring situation like this makes your home vulnerable from house fires. Surely, you will need home rewiring as you don’t want anything wrong to happen in your family.

Set a Budget Plan for Home Rewiring

Before finding a pro electrician for home rewiring, you should set your budget in doing the project. For a medium-sized home, home rewiring can cost you between $3,000 to $8,000. These factors can cause the price to soar higher:

  • Type and size of your home
  • Access in your wirings
  • Number of outlets, fittings and switches
  • Requirements for switchboard replacement

If you’re on a tight budget, consider rewiring your home room by room and do the clean-up before the project to reduce the total cost. There’s a good chance that electricians lessen the price if you clear out the attic, pull out the furniture, carpets and anything to make access to your wirings easier. 

Hire a Level 2 Electrician

A do-it-yourself is not a wise approach when doing home rewiring due to the great danger that electricity poses to the untrained person handling it. There are no other best outcomes when home rewiring undergoes the legal process, and that’s why you need to hire a level 2 electrician. They have the license and training for any electrical rewiring in your home.

Moreover, level 2 electricians can tell you the required permits for your project and get them on your behalf. They can replace your electrical switchboard and upgrade it. They are also experts when it comes to what type of upgrade you need, such as the installation of new fixtures or having dimmer switches in your home.

Get Prepared for Electrical Disruption

There’s a lot of work to do when it comes to rewiring your home. It usually takes three days to two weeks, depending on the complexity of the task. Because there’s no electricity during the process, electricians will tell you to stay in a hotel or have a vacation during this period. 


Home rewiring is a responsibility to fulfil an energy-efficient and electrically safe home. Most old houses need immediate rewiring due to its high chance of electrical mishaps. But residing in newly built homes isn’t an assurance that you’re far from electrical accidents; thus, home rewiring is vital to every home.

In addition, home rewiring is not a do-it-yourself project and needs the assistance of level 2 electricians. They can help you in completing a home rewiring that suits your budget. Overall, they ensure you won’t have electrical worries in the years to come.

Sydney Suburb Eastern Electrician has level 2 electricians that have more than ten years of experience in home rewiring. Our team also offers upgrades and inspection in your lighting, switchboards and electrical system. We ensure to give five-star services making your home electrically safe in the next decades to come.

Call us at (02) 8378 2827 for a free quote, and we’ll make sure your rewired electrical system lasts for decades.

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