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How to Protect Your Commercial Facility from Power Surge

Every second without electricity is a potential loss of clients in business. But if the reason for the sudden power-off is a power surge, you’re facing a bigger problem for your commercial property.

Power surges or transients are sudden spikes in the electric current due to lightning, malfunctioning appliances or heavy equipment use, and power grid switching. Overvoltage due to lightning causes 25-40 percent of all damage to equipment. It damages anything that’s plugged-in on your electrical switch points and gradually decreases the lifespan of the expensive circuitry of your business computers. 

Power Surge Is A Concern to Business

Power surges can inflict the loss of data and large spendings in replacing damaged equipment the reasons for eventual company downtime. Homes face power surges as problems, but the stakes are much higher for business owners. It might end up damaging your AC system, elevators, fire and safety system and large-scale equipment that are unaffordable to sustain when running the business.

Apart from damaging the systems and devices, transient voltages are capable of ruining your electrical outlets. It frequently goes out of hand, affecting the business in a domino effect. The chance for electric shock and the electric fire is high in your business, and you’ll need ways to prevent such mishaps.

Commercial Property Surge Protection

Whether you’re running a small-scale business or multinational industry, protecting your commercial property is of particular concern. The benefits of protecting everything in your commercial premise will save you a considerable amount of money in the long run. 

Also, commercial power surges cost millions of dollars if you don’t establish protective measures at hand. Here are the things to consider when having surge protection in your business area:

For External Surges

Using service entry surge protector acts as the first line of defence installed before the main breaker. It primarily fights the external surges from lightning and utility power distribution. Thus, it ensures the safe flow of energy before entering the main panel breaker of your commercial property.

For Internal Surges

When service entry surge protector wears off due to excessive voltage, then you need type 2 surge protector. It regulates the destructive voltage after the main breaker making sure there’s no residual energy flowing throughout the electrical system. It’s an assurance then that your expensive large machines and computers are far from burnouts and circuit damage.

For Appliances

The point-of-use surge protectors is a valuable line of defence solely for your equipment. If the protector doesn’t fit, install built-in surge protection for your exclusive outlets where you plug large appliances and computers that serve a skeletal function in the business.

Provide Back-up Power Source

Unfortunately, the surge protectors don’t provide any back-up power source. Providing uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is the key to a whole level of business surge protection. Once there are fluctuations or surges in the system, UPS delivers stable power immediately to protect your computer and the data you need to work on for the day.

Proper Grounding System

The surge protection device works to divert the high current surges from your equipment to the ground. It’s critical to have a sound, low resistance grounding system with a single ground reference point connecting all ground systems in your commercial property. With this, you’ll have optimal surge protection for your business.


Power surges can happen even at times you could least expect it. Establishing protective measures against power surge, both internally and externally, is essential to your commercial premise. It can help you save your assets from electrical mishaps, including the wiring and other equipment in your business.

Aside from saving your assets, the surge protection ensures that you have a safe and friendly workspace for everyone. It’s indeed hitting two stones with one stone: securing your property and providing a safe commercial premise.

Sydney Eastern Suburb Electrician has the most equipped level 2 electricians in installing power surges protectors in your commercial properties. We also provide inspection and repair services to ensure that your business won’t face challenges due to electrical mishaps.

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