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Keeping Your Pets Safe from Electrical Hazards

Electrical hazards are not only dangerous to the people but it’s also harmful to your pets at home. Pets sneak into places they are not allowed and chew on everything they see.

Most of us consider our pets as a member of the family. But, sometimes we neglect to keep them safe such as the unsightly electrical cords lying all over the floor. 

Electrical wirings lying around unattended is one of the most common electrical hazards for your precious pets. Animals don’t understand the risk of getting electrocuted when they will try to chew on damaged outlets or frayed cables and crash into your free-standing lights or lamps. Pets are like children that can’t gauge the risks and the potential threats of electrocution. 

Electrical Hazard Safety Tips for your Pets

As a responsible pet owner, you’re in control of what happens around the living conditions of your pet members. Check out the following electrical safety tips for your fur babies to keep them safe especially when you’re not around to supervise them almost all the time.

Keep electrical cords out of sight

Electrical cables or wirings are one of the most common electrical hazards lying around your house. Most domesticated animals are naturally inquisitive and playful which often results in putting themselves in danger.

As much as possible, hide the electrical wiring behind your appliances. If it’s impossible to tuck them out of sight, pet-proof your electrical cables with plastic piping. Also, there are special products that discourage your curious pet from tugging these cables.

Keeping electrical cords out of sight is especially important when your pet is still young. Just like all babies, your pets undergo a teething stage which makes them look for something to relieve the soreness. And these electrical cables hanging around is a welcoming sight for them.

Pay attention to your mobile phone chargers

Every pet owner with a fur baby who loves to chew things must have experienced replacing their chargers often. While you’re occupied in keeping your electrical appliances wiring out of sight, your fur baby has been busy as well chewing on your mobile charger. As mentioned earlier, anything with wires is appealing to your fur babies. Always keep them out of their reach and sight. 

Don’t leave any heat-generating appliances unattended

While you’re in the kitchen, don’t leave your portable heater or any electrical appliances that generate heat unattended especially when your dog is around. Our pets can’t hold off their excitement and often express their feelings by bouncing around eventually knocking things over. 

Additionally, don’t underestimate your hand-held devices such as hair straightener or curling iron. Once you’re done, turn them off and keep it out of your fur baby’s reach. Your pets might attempt to snuggle on them since they can’t tell the difference between their warmer and your straightening iron. 

Keep free-standing appliances out-of-bounds

Some lamps use halogen bulbs which pose a potential threat if it’s knocked over which makes it potential for fire or burn hazard. Keep your lamps or other free-standing light equipment away from your pets usual playground. Secure your lighting equipment firmly to the table or floors. 

Secure your plug sockets

Always pay attention to plugging your devices. Exposed prongs can result in electric shock if your fur baby will accidentally bump or nozzle their wet snout. It’s also equally important to avoid overloading your plug sockets with extension blocks or bars because it’s potential for injuries when your pet gets tangled in the wires. 

Be thoughtful to your pets

Not all pets live inside their owner’s home. Be thoughtful to your pets and bring them inside during bad weather and most especially if there are thunderstorms. Dog cages are susceptible to lightning strikes which put your pet in a dangerous situation. Also, animals get scared easily when they hear loud noises and eventually risk themselves seeking shelter in places they’re not supposed to stay.

Electric Shock Emergency Care for your Pets

In case your pet is experiencing an electric shock, don’t approach your pet right away because you don’t want to put yourself in your pet’s situation as well. Also, your pet is in distress and you don’t want to agitate it more than it already is. 

If your pet is still connected, pay close attention to the source of the electric shock. Once you have located the source, approach with caution and use a non-conductive item such as a wooden broom handle or pillow to move your pet away from the electric current. Then, wrap your fur baby in a blanket and bring it to the nearest clinic. 

Also, if your pet is lying in a puddle, switch off your mains before approaching your pet. Liquid conducts electricity and it’s the safest way to ensure your safety.

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