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Landscape Lighting and Security: Tips from the Experts

The summer nights in Sydney are the best time for outdoor family dining with ample lighting from the starry night sky. As much as you love outdoor gathering at night, investing in landscape lighting is a smart move. Aside from illuminating your landscapes, it heightens security to enjoy nights even more.

Moreover, landscape lighting highlights home exterior architectural features. Aside from illuminating your home exteriors, it is a security feature that brightens the nooks and other corners in your premises, thereby deterring potential criminal activity.

However, installing landscape lighting for security purposes doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the aesthetics of your yard at night. Security and aesthetics must work together for effective outdoor lighting. On that, here are the expert tips to help you meet landscape lighting that is both functional and attractive.

Calculate How Much Light You Need

Before installing landscape lights, figure out how much lighting you need to illuminate either a large or small area. As to that, you can calculate the required lights for a given space. Get the square footage of your yard then multiply it by 1.5 for a rough estimation of total wattage you need. 

For example, 200 square feet of the area indicates that you need 300 watts. This way, you’re aware of how much wattage you need for illumination that both highlight aesthetics and secure outdoors.

Plan Which Light Fixtures Work Well In Your Area

After determining the required light wattage, the next step is to know which fixtures suit best your landscape. It’s crucial to have landscape lighting that provides both outdoor beauty and security. 

You might feel safe with your new bright outdoor lighting, but your neighbours won’t appreciate those lights reaching their windows at night. On that, here are the popular light fixtures that give enough brightness and sense of security in your landscape:

Solar Lighting

The solar lighting is commonly used fixture in landscape lighting as it is incredibly safe to use and energy-saving. With this, security lighting is attainable residing in a place radiated with much sunlight. It can last for 15 hours as operating time except during very cloudy and short winter days.

LED Lighting

It’s the standard fixture when talking about energy-efficiency for landscape lighting. Both LED and solar lights are affordable, but LED bulbs are more reliable at times when your place is not receiving that much sunlight. Of course, its edge over solar lighting makes it more reliable in providing security lighting over your landscape.

Light Fixtures for Security

Floodlights – Ideal for illuminating large spaces such as driveways, recreational areas, back and front yard.

Landscape Path Lights – It’s ideal for illuminating trees, stairs and walkways.

Roadway and Post Luminaries – Such fixture is suitable for general illumination and identification of home.

Surface-Mounted Outdoor Luminaries – Ideal for general and accent lighting in entryway and perimeter.

Find Ideal Placement for Landscape Security Lighting 

Perfect landscape lighting won’t only highlight the beauty of your outdoors, but it is purposive for security and safety. But heightened security with lighting doesn’t mean everything is very bright that glares anyone’s eyes. Thus, it’s essential to place lights in these ideal spots strategically:


The whole landscape lighting won’t make sense when your entryways have no proper lighting. You can place lights at the door sides or overhead at the front to create a secure and welcoming home.


You can provide ample light in this area to prevent glare. It’s essential to have lighting to extend hospitality in your home and provide security when walking at night.


You can place different light fixtures for safety purposes or lit either the treads and risers.


Lighting is necessary for this spot as you don’t want to tumble in the dark every time you arrive home. Also, illuminating the area is critical, especially in times of emergency and you need to go somewhere.

In reality, you can place lights almost anywhere in landscape lighting, but it only needs proper placement to control brightness and ensure security. Aside from the given areas, you can put lights in trees to prevent it from being a handy hiding place. Also, you can add lights to sculptures and fences.

Best Approach for Landscape Lighting and Security

The first approach to have in your landscape lighting is the use of motion-sensing lights. It’s ideal as it turns on automatically when a trespasser comes near your property. At that case, it’s like an alarm when there are intruders and undoubtedly deters possible thefts.

Aside from the human’s movement, motion sensors also turn on when there is a cat, bird or even blowing wind. And if it only turns on with motion, you won’t see anything upon peeking from your window when there’s just a loud noise outside. What’s worse is it might not light even if you have arrived in your driveway.

On the other hand, low-voltage landscape light provides more reliable lighting of your premises. It highlights the key features in your landscape and perimeter, giving you visual control of your surrounding. Whether there is noise or motion outside your window, everything is visible as it’s continuously working to provide security and protection to you and your family.

Avoid Light Pollution

A landscape lighting doesn’t need too much brightness as it can create unwanted light pollution. As much as enjoy the stars in the night sky, avoid excessive use of lights in your landscape. Here’s what you can do to avoid light pollution:

  • Position lights in strategic angles and spots to reduce the number of fixtures in an area
  • Select fixtures with reflectors and shielding to concentrate lights where you need it
  • Use the exact wattage with the given space for subtle lighting.
  • Use controls, timers, dimmers and motion sensors to an area that only needs light when necessary.

With these, you can ensure that the landscape lighting is both functional and attractive with no light pollution. Also, you’re making your ways to create landscape lighting an energy-efficient one that helps preserve the resources in the environment. 


Landscape lighting always plays a vital role that not only enhances your perfect outdoors but provides security and safety for your family as well. However, it’s only effective when you place lights in the strategic spots in your outdoors. It’s also crucial to know the exact wattage your landscape needs to have energy-efficient lighting that avoids light pollution.

Sydney Eastern Suburb Electrician is here to help you install the perfect landscape lighting for your home. Our level 2 electricians are experts when it comes to finding the best spot in installing light fixtures. As much as you care for the environment, we can help you find the energy-efficient lights that avoid light pollution.

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