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Myths and Facts About LED Lights

People have always been sceptical about new technologies ‒ and that LEDs are not safe. Even after years of development, fallacies and myths surrounding LED bulbs stubbornly remain.

A Light Emitting Diode or LED is a semiconductor that emits light when energised. Furthermore, most households and industries across Sydney have shifted to LEDs, mostly because of its efficiency and brightness. However, some people often misinterpret how LED lights work, which leads to assumptions and distorted facts.

Generally, these myths are evolving around incoherent information and resistance to new technologies. You may have been so curious about LED lights, and hearing other rumours might have fueled your confusion.

To help you sort out these ideas, here are the most common myths and underlying facts about LED lights.

Myth #1: LED Lights are Costly

LED bulbs prices have significantly dropped over the past years, despite still being a bit expensive compared with incandescent bulbs. However, the price difference takes a turn in the long run.

A traditional filament bulb costs less but has a short lifespan. On the other hand, an LED’s price speaks for its reliability. So you save more with a single LED bulb than a handful of incandescents over time.

Myth #2: LEDs Don’t Last Long

The assumption of LED lights being short-lived is by far way out of context, since LED products gained recognition for its long serviceable life. As known, LED lights can operate significantly longer compared to standard halogen and fluorescent lights.  

A typical fluorescent lamp can last about three to five times shorter than LED lights, while standard halogen lights operate for twenty-five times lesser. Thus, among the three most common light bulbs, LEDs are much capable of giving you a brighter light for a longer period.

Myth #3: LEDs are Harmful

Modern LEDs are composed of inorganic materials, which means that they do not contain hazardous substances like mercury and other noble gases present in fluorescent lamps. Additionally, LEDs are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, debunking any myth that says LEDs are harmful.

However, just like any bulbs, it is a fragile material and is prone to breaking. So whenever you spot a broken lamp with shards of glass, be careful around it and ask for help when cleaning it.

Myth #4: LED Takes Time to Light-up

Unlike standard fluorescent lamps, LED lights do not take much time to light-up. Once you switch it on, it will instantly provide the light you needed without the annoying flickers or warming up. Modern programmable strobe lights even use large LEDs to produce that upbeat light show.

Myth #5: LED Lights Can’t Tolerate Cold Temperatures

LED bulbs work best under cold temperatures. Since it doesn’t create much heat, LEDs are ideal for lighting areas that need to be kept cool. While the extreme cold does not generally affect the lifespan of LED bulbs, they are vulnerable to extreme heat, just like any other circuitry.

Besides, LED lights can lose their efficiency and might burn out when exposed to excessive heat. Thus, if you live in areas with cold weathers and minimal heat, then there’s no need to worry about exposing your bulbs to the cold.

Myth #6: LED Bulbs Only Give Off Bright light

Nowadays, varieties of LED bulbs which gives off warmer shades are widely available. Moreover, keep in mind that there are LED lights that can be tuned in to generate different colour temperatures.

LED bulbs can produce various shades of lights such as warm white, cool white and daylight. You can always choose from these shades to provide better lighting to your home or working space. Also, using smart dimmers will limit the flow of current to your LEDs so you can achieve that calming vibrance.


It is necessary to sort out myths from facts to avoid confusion and misinformation. You should first know the essential facts about LED lights before you jump into vague assumptions. With factual data, you can then decide whether to use LED bulbs for your home and building lighting solutions.

Moreover, LED lighting systems take a bit of time and skill to install. That’s why Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electrician is always available to provide you with quality electrical service.

We have Level 2 electricians that are highly skilled and trained to perform LED lights installation. Our team across Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs will also gladly share relevant information and provide you with exceptional electrical and lighting services.

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