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How to Teach Your Children Concepts of Electrical Safety

Electricity is a staple in our daily activities that make everything around us accessible and convenient.

But, naturally, electricity is hazardous if used irresponsibly especially in a home with curious young members in the family. 

Kids are curious by nature. By the minute you turn your back away from them; they easily mistake danger for fun. Children are not aware of the potential dangers in their surroundings particularly the hazards of electricity. As adults, we have to take responsibility in educating these fragile minds about electrical safety. 

We are not always around to safeguard our kids from any potential threats in front of them. By educating our children about electrical safety and its potential dangers, it will also ease our minds knowing that even in our absence they know what they need to do.

Sydney Eastern Suburbs Electricians always prioritise the safety of our customers. So, we created a guide on the concepts of electrical safety to encourage your kids on how to use them safely. Call our team of expert electricians for electrical system maintenance.

Electrical Safety Tips for Children

Electricity is part of our everyday lives. To avoid putting our child’s life in the potential danger, we have to educate them first on the potential threats of electricity and how to keep them safe. It is important to let your kids understand electrical safety within their level of understanding.

Let your kids watch videos about electrical safety

Let’s make learning about electrical safety fun through animated videos. Kids these days love to watch videos. There are plenty of resources you can find online that will help them give a better understanding of electricity and how to avoid electrical hazards.

To make sure your kids will pay attention, you need to take some time and watch the educational videos together. Afterwards, allow them to demonstrate or explain what they have learned.

Consequences are real and dangerous

Let your children know that sticking their finger, metal objects and other hazardous items into the power point or electrical sockets can electrocute them. Emphasise to your kids that the consequences brought about by irresponsible use of electricity is real such as electrocution or shocks. Electric shocks can cause serious injuries and at worst can be fatal, especially to a young and fragile body.

Demonstrate the dangers of electricity

Although there are visual resources that help your kids understand the dangers of electricity. The fact remains–electricity is invisible to them. Since they only get to see an electrical current through videos or images. And if you truly understand how a kid’s mind works–they want to experience these things first-hand. 

Incorporate their learnings by demonstrating to your kids that electricity does exist. Bring them to a place where they get to see and feel the electricity. Modern museum about the elements of science and nature shows a hands-on display that allows your kids to experience electricity.

Age-appropriate electrical safety rules

Once your kids are aware of what electricity is from visual concept to personal experience, this is the most ideal time to teach them how to behave around electricity. Provide your kids with electrical safety rules and how to properly use electrical appliances. These are a few of the many electrical safety you can implement at home.

  • Do not poke any type of objects into the toaster or electrical sockets.
  • Do not stick fingers into the power points
  • Do not touch electrical appliances without adult supervision.
  • Do not fly kites or climb a tree when there’s a nearby overhead power lines
  • Do not touch light switches or any type of electrical appliances with wet hands.

Precautionary Electrical Safety Measures

As mentioned earlier, kids will not learn the first time they are told. They are born curious, love to explore and experience things beyond their limits. But to be on the safe side and keep our kids safe especially when adults are not around, consider taking precautionary electrical safety measures at home. Teaching your kids about electrical safety at the earliest opportunity is every parent’s priority. 

  • When you have small children or toddlers, place a child-proof cover to all your electrical sockets or power points.
  • Keep all your electrical appliances out of reach 
  • Install residual current devices which cut off the power immediately in case of an electrical emergency

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