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Tips to Reduce Your Energy Bills

Coping with technological advancement in Sydney becomes effortless due to the well-supplied energy. But utilising energy in the city has a high price to pay. As of now, the electricity bill becomes one of the highest household expenses.  

There’s a lot that goes to your energy bills. Factors affecting it include local climate triggering passive cooling and heating, the size and type of your home, appliances and personal preferences on how much cooking, heating and clothes drying are done. 

Furthermore, your electric bill is mainly composed of two parts usage and supply charges. The usage charge is the amount of energy you consume while the supply charge indicate delivery cost for receiving electricity in your household. The supply charge is a fixed price, but you have control over usage fee if you aim to end up with lower bills.

Also, using electricity at the peak period can cost you the highest. Usually, homeowners use power beyond the peak period that’s between 10 pm to 7 am. But working on late hours for the sake of energy conservation is not ideal.

That said, here are some of the tips to shear and tear the long digits in your energy bills:

Search for Affordable Energy Rate 

In Australia, there are many options to find energy retailers that offer different prices. They give competitive rates that might be affordable than your current energy provider. Considering it is another step in slashing your energy bills. 

Smart Lighting 

It’s always a universal reminder to turn off the lights and same with appliances when not in use. It’s no brainer that lighting consumes electricity.  But opting for smart lighting is the best solution to get your hands on smaller energy bills.

No other object fits smart lighting when it comes to LED bulbs. The LED light uses 75 per cent lesser energy than typical incandescent bulbs while producing quality lights in your home. Aside from shrinking your energy consumption, you’ll save more money as LED lights last 25 times longer than regular bulbs. 

Moreover, a friendly tip reminds you that you still have your windows. If it’s a sunny day, open your curtain to illuminate 20 to 100 times your room with natural lights. It’s undoubtedly a smart move to reduce the increasing numbers in your electric meter.

Administer Energy Saving in the Kitchen

Apart from lighting, the kitchen is the central hub for consuming a massive portion of energy in your home. Considerably, the fridge runs non-stop and one of the most expensive appliances to operate. So better set its ideal temperature between four or five degrees Celsius and ensure its seal is airtight to prevent the cold air from escaping.

In cooking, put your frozen food in the fridge to thaw out and reduce the span of the cooking period. You can also use microwave over the electric oven as it requires less energy. It’s also advisable to use gas over the electric stove as it is cheaper and surely reduce your energy bills in total.

Efficient Temperature Regulation

In every degree you raise in your thermostat above 20, there’s an additional 10% increase in your energy bill. But the increase in the energy bill is reversible through using modern programmable regulators that are efficient and environment-friendly.

Furthermore, only a few people have focused on their roof and household insulation for the best temperature regulation. Effective roof insulation prevents heat from escaping during winter and preserve coldness during summer. Meanwhile, you can research the different ratings of insulation in certain areas of your home so you can reduce your bills in the long term.

Savvy Inexpensive Laundry 

Changing how you run your dirt removal technology is effective in slashing bills. First, consider that your washing machine and dryers are up to date and efficient. Assuring this would make your laundry operate faster during peak periods so it’s not that expensive. Thus, an effective way of cutting the energy bill.

Cleaning your clothes in a cold water setting can lessen energy consumption as well. If you want an additional shearing of the bill, then better refrain from using your dryer. Start putting your clothes in the clothesline as your grandma used to in the old dayshang and wait as it dries.

Depend on Renewable Energy

In a country bathed in sunshine, installing solar panels can slice a bigger pie in your energy bill. Even smaller panels can make a significant impact on slashing the dollars you spent on your bill. Aside from that, you’re always in control of your energy supply, and it gives a wow factor to everyone as you’re into supporting sustainability.


Using energy makes daily living productive, efficient and comfortable. But availing it comes with a great price, and it’s always essential to know how you come up with blown-up bills. Executing the simple tips to slash your energy bills make a huge difference to save money and help the environment in the long term.

Sydney Eastern Suburb Electrician can keep your electrical system checked to ensure everything works efficiently, thus reducing your bills. We also offer installation of smart metering to make sure you’re on track with your energy usage. With more than ten years of experience, we can also help in complex power needs and electrical emergencies in your home.

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